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Why do so many students not know their notes? Why do students who play their songs comfortably through the Primer Level and Level 1 find themselves struggling with note reading when they reach Level 2? Why do students using well-written methods still lack essential note reading skills?

Why do so many students not know how to improvise (play by chord)?

Why do students learn five-finger positions, chords, scales and arpeggios but have trouble remembering them?


Mister Bass Clef® supplementary Note Reading, Improvising, Theory and Technique books provide a unique method of incremental study, which continually reinforces what the student is learning. These books can be used with any piano method series or as stand-alone tutorials.

Format: Spiral bound to allow books to stay open and fold back.


During my thirty years of piano teaching experience with a constant level of over 100 students, I became frustrated with the lack of teaching materials on the market to help my students learn in the areas of note reading, improvising and technique. Therefore, I focused on developing these instruction materials and tested them on my students for ten years. The Mister Bass Clef teaches PIANO® supplementary books are now being used by teachers throughout the country to help their students achieve success in these skill areas.

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