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Joyce was able to give me the direction I needed to not only get started playing the piano but also the will to want to continue to do so. For this I thank her very much. I have been taking lessons from Joyce for approximately two years. Again thank you for your time Joyce.

Michael U.

I had the pleasure of working with Joyce Lundeen for 15 years. I first met her when my oldest daughter and I began taking piano lessons with her when Maria was 6. I loved that we could share this experience together, her rates were very reasonable and we went every other week for an hour which fit into our schedule well. Joyce was an amazing teacher, a wise and compassionate mentor and friend. Because of her guidance, my daughter, now an adult, continues to play the piano and teaches others to as well. Piano is her outlet. I miss the beautiful music that filled our home for so many years. I highly recommend Joyce as a piano teacher. She had a powerful, positive influence on my daughter and I am grateful.

Patty B.

I am an older adult and took piano lessons to keep my mind active and my hands limber. I never felt out of place in the “piano room” with people that were a few decades younger than me. Joyce’s piano room was set up so her students had their own space. We were not right on top of each other and Joyce moved from student to student listening to our music without missing a beat. Each student was able to work individually at our own pace. Joyce was a patient instructor and took it in stride if we didn’t practice like we should have. The class length of an hour was the correct length. Allowing us to practice and repeat a song multiple times in the hopes of moving to the next page. Longer then an hour and I would have been very antsy. In addition, Joyce has her own series of piano instruction books. When she saw there was an area that we struggled in, she made notes to rewrite it and make improvements. Lastly, Joyce did not discriminate, either, on who she passed out suckers to. Young or older, we all received the occasional sucker.

Terri H.

I’m an adult with no music talent whatsoever. I requested to be instructed with “fake music”. She has written her own music books. She teaches a variety of different chord patterns. She is an outstanding teacher.

Shirley B.

I took piano lessons from Joyce 10 years ago and a year ago my kids started with her. She is the best in the business! Her style is very unique, and effective with adults and kids. Her THEORY books and NOTE READING books set her students apart from the rest.

Heera K.

Joyce has been great with this senior citizen and I am sure she will do wonders with others as well. She has a great sense of humor, which helps with old cranky people. I have known her for years since soon after I retired and decided to try my fingers on the ivories. She knows her stuff and she knows how to pass it on.

Rouben C.

Joyce taught two of my boys piano lessons for several years. She did a great job with them from the very beginning. She is knowledgeable and patient, and she makes it fun for the students. We really liked the group lesson format as well. I would definitely recommend her as a piano teacher.

Dana H.

Joyce was a wonderful teacher and an amazing musician. I highly recommend her as a teacher for students at any level!

John M.

My son started piano lessons with Joyce in 2009 when he was just 6 years old. Her unique method of teaching made it possible for him to not only stick with it but to enjoy it as well. Having other students in the room using headsets is an ideal setting for people, particularly children, who don't want the high pressure of one-on-one constant monitoring. We also appreciated the every other week lessons for our busy schedules (we all get busy nowadays).

Because Joyce cares so much, she was kind enough to line up a replacement teacher, using the same format she uses, to take all her students before moving to Florida. Although my son likes the new teacher too, he has since said how much he misses her. How many 9 year old boys would say, out of the blue, how much he misses his piano teacher? But that's Joyce. We love and miss her and wish her the best!

Carol M.

My daughter has been taking lessons from Joyce for five years and she really misses her teaching. Joyce is very efficient and I would recommend her highly. Give her a chance. I think you will love her as your teacher.

Janine D.

I enthusiastically endorse Joyce for her patience and technique with me, a 70 year old student with no prior music training. My lesson time was well spent. I need to practice more. Thank you Joyce!

Bruce W.

I took adult piano lessons for several years from Joyce. I liked that Joyce used comprehensive methods to build student technical skills and aid in understanding of piano concepts.

James E.

Although my experience with Joyce does not have longevity, it does have quality. She takes a sincere and deep interest in her students, particularly in assisting in inhibiting bad habits. My long term goal of learning the keyboard has been well worthwhile because she is encouraging and understanding when you are just learning. She will be missed here in MN.

Trish F.

I started working with Joyce at a Piano for Adults class when I turned 30. I’d never played before. 4 years later, I feel I can play pretty well. Joyce has a wealth of knowledge in music, is fun to work with, and can work with students at any level and age. Sorry to see her go. Thanks Joyce!

Jason B.

I took lessons for 4 yrs along with my kids now ages 7, 10 & 13. They loved her enthusiasm & I loved her precision and high standards. At a recent recital with a new teacher (Joyce moved to FL and we are in MN) my kids were the most well prepared. Joyce’s foundation in note reading & theory is critical, oldest daughter easily picked up and performs other 2 instruments. Her sense of humor with your kids goes a long way. I had one serious initial piano “hater” that now sits down and plays for fun almost every day.

Joan T.

My daughter has been taking lessons with Joyce for 7 years. She has enjoyed it always. She doesn’t like to practice very much through, but with classes only every other week, there wasn’t as much pressure. Joyce has quite a system of rotating through students and individualizing lessons even though you are in a group. Joyce is professional yet down to earth and fun. She works well with all ages. I highly recommend Joyce.

Amy H.

Joyce was my piano teacher for over 4 years and she was great to work with. She knew the piano, inside and out! She wrote her own books – many different types – which were fun to learn from.

Kmk K.

My girls took lessons from Joyce for years and we loved her! She is an amazing teacher / music book writer with years of experience – can’t say enough good things about the experience we’ve had. Just wish she hadn’t moved out of state or we’d still be with her.

Marg B.

I took piano lessons from Joyce in her previous studio in Minnesota. I started as a middle-aged adult beginner and progressed to intermediate (beyond Level 5) over the better part of a decade. I always found her to be both personable and professional, a patient and encouraging teacher who took a genuine interest in each student. I enjoyed not only gaining technical skill as a player, but also learning new musical concepts and improvising tricks. It was also interesting to watch as the Mister Bass Clef series emerged, book by book. I highly recommend Joyce to potential piano students in Florida.

Ben B.

Joyce works well with ALL ages! Everyone works at their own speed, individualized to each student. Outstanding learning book system she designed. I wish she was still in Minnesota – miss her!

Bobbi R.

Piano student for 12 years, she taught me everything I know about piano and instilled in me a love for music. She is a great teacher, for young children and adults alike.

Jay R.

I have taken piano lessons from Joyce for about six years now. I think she is fantastic! She is very easy to work with. She really understands the needs of the adult student. She understands that sometimes you don’t get to practice as much as you would like, and she is fine with that. She emphasizes that it is YOUR lesson. She takes you as you are.

Sherry F.

I signed up for piano lessons through an adult education course offered at a local college. I had been thinking about taking piano lessons for over 20 years and finally took the first step. I enjoyed Joyce’s teaching style so much that I continued to take lessons from Joyce. I’m on my fourth year of piano lessons, all because Joyce taught me the fundamentals of how to practice. I’m amazed at her ability to teach all age levels, from children to senior citizens. I highly recommend Joyce!

Deb B.

Joyce is a great teacher. She is very patient and wonderful with kids. You won’t be disappointed. She is missed here in MN.

Juha T.

She sets up each of your lessons according to your advancement. Instructions are clear for you to practice before you come back to present your accomplished pieces. She is patient, always professional, very kind. You will want to practice and play continuously!

Ellen K.

She is a wonderful teacher. Very flexible, enjoys teaching. She pushes you to do better, strict, but very good and very organized. I absolutely love her and I miss her very much.

Pam J.

As a student under Joyce for five years, she was one of the very best. She was a fun teacher, she taught me theory as well as the notes which, for anyone aspiring to play well, is very important, and not all teachers teach that. When the music got harder, and I had thoughts of quitting, she was very encouraging and challenged me to continue, which I did. I found her Mister Bass Clef books to be very easy to understand, and very well rounded.

Whitney V.

I have two daughters who took lessons from Joyce for several years. One stuck with it only because she got to see Joyce every 2 weeks! She is an excellent instructor in addition to being well liked by her students. Minnesota’s loss is Florida’s gain!

Theresa Z.

My three children had taken piano lessons for several years with a number of different teachers before we found Joyce. Her teaching method is direct, focused and very positive and upbeat. She is high energy and really knows how to keep kids motivated and on task. She is also fantastic with older students and we saw several adults in her studio over the years. My 16 year old was so disappointed with the thought of losing Joyce as her teacher. In her program, the kids were really learning how to read music well in addition to learning to play the music. Never felt like they were just being passed along to the next song until they really had it down. Highly recommended!

Laura S.

I have been taking piano lessons from Joyce for ten years here in Minnesota, having almost completed Level 3A. She is experienced, knowledgeable, thorough, and patient, and works well both with children and adults (I happen to be 60 years old). Students don’t have to play songs perfectly from start to finish (although I try to) but Joyce does ask us to go back and play perfectly the imperfect part of the song, a little less pressure that way. She is flexible about lessons, i.e., I go off and practice four to six songs and other drills for several months, and then have a lesson with her. Having a lesson every two to three months has worked well for me and fits my learning style. If you’re looking for a first-rate piano teacher, look no further than Joyce Lundeen.

Martin R.

Joyce is an outstanding piano teacher. I became her student in 2006 and was until 2012 when she discontinued teaching in the Twin Cities area. Joyce is always patient and is interested in her student’s progress. She is focused when she is with her students and obviously takes great pride and joy in her work. This is evident by all the photographs of her students that she has hanging in her studio and she always seemed as if she was very pleased to be in her studio with her students. Also, her studio was so full of students that many times it was hard to get through the door. I highly recommend Joyce Lundeen and I wish she was still teaching in the Twin Cities area.

Dr. Carol M.

I took piano lessons with her from 6th grade until sophomore year of college. She is very patient and she is flexible about letting you play the kind of music that you like.

Marjorie O.

I have taken piano lessons from Joyce for over five years. She provides excellent instruction and provides a love for piano.

Carla J.

Joyce is a wonderful teacher. My 12 y/o left the lesson eager and excited and is looking forward to the next lesson. I appreciate Joyce’s teaching method and really happy we stumbled onto this site. She lives only a mile away! What a great fit.

Lisa B.